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Fusible Resistor

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fusible resistor for led bulb

LED Bulb Repairing Kit Pack of 400


LED Bulb Repairing Combo Kit

This Pack contains 400 components ( 47uf 100vCapacitor  100 pieces , MOV 07D561 100 pieces, Fusible Resistor 100 Pieces and 1W 9V SMD LED  100 Pieces).

  • Use for led bulb driver and DOB
  • MOV 07D561 100 piece
  • 47uf 100vCapacitor  100 pieces
  • Fusible Resistor 100 Pieces
  • 1W 9V SMD LED  100 Pieces
  • Used for led bulb drivers repairing
  • Protects components in the circuit from excess current.
electronic components kit

Electronic Components Kit


Following are the Electronic Components included in the Combo Kit:


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