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Electronic Components Kit


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This is an Electronic Components Kit which can be used in the various LED appliances like LED Bulbs, LED Street Lights, LED Flood Lights, LED Down Lights, etc. ‘TOPSOIL LED’ has specially designed this Electronic Components Combo Kit to make it easier for the Electricians, ITI Students, Small Scale Entrepreneurs, Shop-keepers, etc. to easily buy this small combo kit which consists of 10-10 pieces of each Electronic Component and LED MCPCB, etc.

Following are the Electronic Components included in the Combo Kit:

  1. LED Bulb MCPCB 7 Watt Cool White Color (10 pieces)
  2. LED Bulb MCPCB 9 Watt Cool White Color (10 pieces)
  3. LED Bulb MCPCB 12 Watt Cool White Color (10 pieces)
  4. LED Bulb MCPCB 15 Watt Cool White Color (10 pieces)
  5. LED Bulb MCPCB 18 Watt Cool White Color (10 pieces)
  6. LED Bulb MCPCB 9 Watt Red Color (10 pieces)
  7. LED Bulb MCPCB 9 Watt Green Color (10 pieces)
  8. LED Bulb MCPCB 9 Watt Pink Color (10 pieces)
  9. LED Bulb MCPCB 9 Watt Blue Color (10 pieces)
  10. LED Bulb MCPCB 9 Watt Warm White Color (10 pieces)
  11. Fusible Resistor 1 Watt (10 pieces)
  12. Fusible Resistor 2 Watt (10 pieces)
  13. MB10F / Bridge Rectifier (10 pieces)
  14. SMD LED 1 Watt 9 Volts Cool White Color (10 pieces)
  15. 125J 450V PF Capacitor (10 pieces)
  16. MOV 07D561K (10 pieces)
  17. MOV 07D621K (10 pieces)
  18. Electrolytic Capacitor 470uf 10V (10 pieces)
  19. Electrolytic Capacitor 1uf 63V (10 pieces)
  20. Electrolytic Capacitor 2.2uf 450V (10 pieces)
  21. Electrolytic Capacitor 2.2uf 63V (10 pieces)
  22. Electrolytic Capacitor 10uf 63V (10 pieces)
  23. Electrolytic Capacitor 10uf 450V (10 pieces)
  24. Electrolytic Capacitor 100uf 63V (10 pieces)
  25. Electrolytic Capacitor 47uf 100V (10 pieces)
  26. Electrolytic Capacitor 100uf100V (10 pieces)


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electronic components kit
Electronic Components Kit
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