12 Watt LED Bulb Driver and MCPCB Pack of 500


This pack contains 500 ,TopSoil 12W LED Bulb Driver and MCPCB. Driver has a stand-by up to AC 440V.
Wattage                           : 12 watts
Operating Voltage          : AC 80 to 440 volt
PF                                      : 0.95
Driver Type                    : IC HPF

Lumens                         : 130 per watt

Colour                           : Cool Day Light

Colour Temp.                : 6500K

In stock

Wattage 12 watt
Color Cool Day Light
Colour Temperature 6500K
Operating Voltage

AC80 to 440 volts

Lumens 130 per Watt
Pack of


Details  500 MCPCB of 12 Watt and 500 Driver of 12Watt



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